Eddara Tallhart, a maid of nine, Lady of Torrhen's Square after the deaths of her father, Helman, and elder brother, Benfred. She's held captive by the ironmen at Torrhen's Square.


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Escape from the Spirit World: Avatar Yangchen (x)

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What, people call you "The Doctor?" As far as I'm concerned, you have to earn that title.



I’m sorry but if you try to tell me there are only three wizard schools in the ENTIRE magical world I will fight you.

I wanna see Indian wizardry schools

Japanese magic schools where the house ghosts have shrines

Schools hidden in sand dunes and enchanted to look like mirages

American schools hidden in Roswell and Salem

Public magical schools for kids that don’t want to leave home for seven years


The Japanese magic school is called Mahoutokoro. They like wands made of cherry wood over there.

Indian wizards and witches use flying carpets instead of brooms.

Weikedu is a magic school in Africa.

There’s the Salem Witches’ Institute Salem, Massachusetts

There’s a school in Brazil. Bill Weasley was pen-pals with a student there.

And there’s a school in Russia called Koldovstorits


The Doctor confuses declarations of insanity with insults to his fashion sense.

the traumas of having worn a vegetable as an accessory. 

Perhaps I’ll win your heart in another round.

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Game of Thrones + Poetry

Do you come from the stars or rise from the black pit? 
Destiny, bewitched, follows your skirts like a dog; 
You sow at random joy and disaster, 
And you govern all things but answer for nothing.

Hymn to Beauty - Baudelaire [x]

Isabelle Adjani as Lyanna Stark

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"The oldest recorded merpeople were known as sirens (Greece) and it is in warmer waters that we find the beautiful mermaids for frequently depicted in Muggle literature and painting. The selkies of Scotland and the Merrows of Ireland are less beautiful, but they share that love of music which is common to all merpeople."

—Newton Scamander

Pt 2 | Pt 1

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Talking about Old Nan made him sad. <…> “She never hurt no one, not even Theon. She just told stories”. <…>

"Remember Old Nan’s stories, Bran. Remember the way she told them, the sound of her voice. So long as you do that, part of her will always be alive in you.